The Power of Z

Nissan Z Proto

At the heart of the Nissan Z Proto is a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine coupled to a six-speed manual transmission.

Pure sports car proportions. Long hood, short rear deck and wheels pushed out to the corners. The Nissan Z Proto stays true to its DNA while adding a modern twist to its iconic styling cues. Bold, powerful, exhilarating and accessible. For more than 50 years, the Z has made it possible for anyone to make their dream of owning an incredible sports car come true.


This badge on the C-pillar has been found on many Zs of the past, and it incorporates a new "Z" logo with a stylized script.


The headlight shape is meant to be an abstract reference the original 240Z's units, which began as an exposed circular lens with a scooped-out oval surround and later added a glass cover.


Nissan refers to these taillights as having a "floating Tylenol pill" design, as first seen on the Z32-generation 300ZX.

Analog Gauges

The only real nod to the past inside the modern-looking cabin is the binnacle atop the dash with analog gauges for boost pressure, turbo rpm, and battery voltage. The 350Z's similar gauges are pictured at top.


The Z Proto has a staggered 19-inch tire setup with 255-width rubber in front and 285 width at the rear. White lettering on the tires lends a historic touch.


This bright-yellow pearlescent hue is similar to paint colors available on the original 240Z and on the 300ZX.


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