End of Lease Return Center at Redwood City Nissan dealership

End of Lease Return Center

at Boardwalk Nissan

Welcome to our Redwood City Nissan Lease Return Center at Boardwalk Nissan. While your lease may be ending, there is also opportunity for a new beginning. Our team is here to help inform you of your three end-of-lease options so you can confidently make your decision when it comes to returning your vehicle.

Didn't originally lease your Nissan vehicle with us? Not a problem. Boardwalk Nissan can still help you! Continue reading below to learn about your lease return options or contact us to schedule an appointment.

It's the end of the road. Or is it?

As you approach the end of your lease, we hope your journey as a Nissan Credit customer has served you well. In this guide, Boardwalk Nissan has provided you with the information you need for a successful end of your lease. And while this may conclude the term of your current vehicle, it could be just the start of your journey.

What should you do with your current leased Nissan vehicle? There are three ways to move forward:

  • Trade in your vehicle for a new one.
  • Purchase your current vehicle.
  • Turn in your current vehicle and walk away.

Want to continue enjoying your Nissan driving experience? Our Redwood City Nissan dealership has many new and exciting models available including updated technology and safety features that you may have not experienced yet! If you have not yet received a newsletter from our team, contact us as you may be to receive incentives towards the purchase or lease of a new vehicle!

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What will you be driving this time next year?

Nissan is always developing new and exciting models for our customers. Visit our new cars for sale to check out new vehicles and determine which one fits your needs.

Your Lease-End Options

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Option 1:GET INTO A NEW Nissan Vehicle

As a returning Nissan customer, if you decide to turn in your current vehicle and lease a new one, the disposition fee on your current vehicle will be waived. We may also waive the security deposit on your new vehicle.

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Option 2:Purchase Your Leased Nissan Vehicle

If you reach the end of your lease and want to purchase, there's no inspection required. Just call your dealership or Nissan Credit Lease-End Services to ask about the payoff process.

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Option 3:Turn In Your Nissan Vehicle

Return your vehicle to Boardwalk Nissan. Remember to bring your owner's manual, extra set of keys and any other accessories that came with the vehicle.

Next Steps

No matter what option you decide, the next step is inspection. These inspections are free and they come to you-whether it be your home (someone 18 or older must be present), office, or at Boardwalk Nissan. They're also a great way to receive a quick assessment of potential charges that you may owe at the end of your term. At this point, you'll have an opportunity to make repairs instead of being charged for them as excess wear.

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You'll still have time to make repairs so that you won't incur additional fees upon turn-in. Ask your Nissan Dealer and insurance agent if any repairs are covered under warranty or by your auto insurance. Your Dealer may have helpful suggestions to help with out-of-pocket expenses.

This is also a reminder to make your final payment prior to turning in your vehicle. Have you deferred any payments during your lease? If so, in addition to your last monthly payment, your final payment will include these deferred payments. If you are enrolled in Auto Pay and you deferred any monthly payments, the automatic withdrawal of your final payment will include your final monthly payment along with these deferred payments.

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  • Nissan LEAF
  • Nissan Frontier
  • Nissan Sentra

View our Nissan model lineup page or contact our team to learn more about these exciting new vehicles!

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We want to help you find the new Nissan vehicle that is just right for you. Visit our Nissan model lineup to learn more about the latest models available from Nissan at our Redwood City dealership. Don't forget to check lease deals page to view our current offers!

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