Price Matching

We know we live in a competitive world. If you're shopping for a New   Nissan, and are tired of the back and forth, and the pricing game some dealers play, we completely understand. The truth of the matter is the more research you do on pricing, the easier the negotiation is for both parties once you've made up your mind on your new Nissan.

To make your life easy, and to make the negotiation painless, here are the quick and easy steps to follow:

  • Get your offer in writing
  • Bring it in with you
  • Take a spin in the New Nissan you want to purchase
  • Review the quote together with our Management team to ensure everything is "Apples to Apples"
  • Check to make sure nothing was omitted by the other dealer to make it look extra enticing
  • Ensure the quote doesn't have an error by the other dealership

If we have an Apples to Apples quote, you'll be leaving in no time flat with your new Nissan.

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