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Ultra Stylish, Ultra Powerful: the 2014 Nissan Altima

Getting the chance to take a ride in a real, true-to-life racecar is something that many of us wish we could do at some point in our lives. Imagine the turns and drifts, the g-forces and airtime, the pure and unadulterated fun! Now, imagine if afterwards you found out that racecar wasn't actually a racecar but just an aesthetically-modified 2014 Nissan Altima. That's exactly what happened to the folks in the video below…

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Nissan Gives 16 Gamers a Shot at Becoming a Real, Professional Racecar Driver

There are a lot of people who scoff at video games. Some of the more common arguments are that they dull people to violence... they're anti-social... they don't translate to real life and are plain-and-simple a waste of time. Boardwalk Nissan isn't here to take a moral stance on video games. However, we would like to point out that the last stereotype - video games don't translate to real life - might not…

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Nissan Does the Right Thing

Nissan just recently promised $115,000 in relief aid to the American Red Cross to help them provide food, clothing, and shelter for storm victims in the southeastern U.S. Now, they're stepping up to the plate again. Only this time around the Japanese automaker is offering employee pricing and delayed finance payments to consumers who lost, or sustained damage to, their vehicle due to the devastating storms, floods, and tornadoes that have destroyed…

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