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Versa Still Comes in Under 10K

If you've been on a car lot within the past few years, you know that cars available for under $10,000 are unfortunately going the way of dinosaurs. The Nissan Versa SMT, the most barebones trim of the Versa model, actually starts at $9,990 (not including shipping charges). It has, in fact, been the least expensive four-door sedan sold in the U.S. since it rolled out in 2009.

If you don't…

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Nissan Assures Car Buyers Its Products are Safe from Radioactivity

As fear mounts over possible radioactive contamination from Japan's severely compromised Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, automakers have been trying to reassure car buyers that their vehicles will remain unaffected. The most common assurance offered is that autos are manufactured far enough away from the facility that fallout won't end up on their vehicles.

Nissan, however, is offering consumers more than just words. As an added step to ensure safety, the Japanese automaker…

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New 370Z GT Edition Debuts in Geneva

Nissan's new 370Z GT, created in honor of the Japanese automaker's huge success in GT racing across the world, recently debuted at the International Geneva Motor Show. However, it was largely passed by, thanks to the futuristic glory of the Nissan ESFLOW. While it might not be quite as fantastic; it's still a very cool car... a bit of soul food for the racing spirit, if you will.

The new 370Z GT…

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